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Borrowed Time

A narrative centered around uncertainty. Being on the brink of something devastating and catastrophic.”We are on the clock and time is ticking by”.An elevated child’s gas mask appears to float in the air.
From the early 1970’s ,when I was in high school, I was fascinated which gas masks that often featured in the protest graphics of that era as people gradually became aware of the effects of pollution, Things have gotten worse.No one envisioned global warming and melting polar ice-caps back then.
The body of the clock resembles an amateur looking time-bomb mounted on claws that are wrapped around a bullet, all of which are perched upon a tiny building that I see as a bank.
Weapons and the damage they reek can’t exist or multiply without vast financial support.
Money is the root of all evil.
The ex-surveyor’s tripod which supports all of the above seems both practically and conceptually apt as it is a tool used for measuring and planning.A sound structure but seemingly precarious.

Borrowed Time