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Mentmore Sculpture Services
Mentmore Sculpture Services

Mentmore Sculpture Services was formed by a partnership of two sculptors, Ian Payne and Richard Criddle, both with post-graduate degrees in sculpture (Richard also with the Royal College bronze-casting diploma), and each with more than ten years work experience in a multitude of sculptural activities.

They provide the nucleus to a team of specialists that can be adapted to suit whatever individual projects may arise, irrespective of scale or complexity.

The range of services provided may be of use not only to artists, but also to collectors, galleries, museums and designers in various areas, such as film, advertising, etc.

Within our pool of experience we are able to offer the skills of the traditional artisan together with an extensive knowledge of contemporary materials and techniques.

We are also able to provide professional advice and consultancy on any sculpture related project or problem.

MOULD-MAKING: Rigid and flexible mould-making, including one-offs, short edition moulds, and high durability production moulds.

CASTING IN ALL MATERIALS: Plaster, cement, G.R.P. (including resin bonded bronze, aluminium, artificial stone, etc). Lost wax metal casting in bronze and aluminium.

PRODUCTION OF ORIGINALS: The production of, or assistance in producing, three dimensional originals including modeling, carving, welding and construction in all media. Scaling up and manufacture of armatures. We are happy to work from designs, photographs or models.

RESTORATION: The repair and restoration of damaged or worn sculpture including research into original materials, patination etc.

CONSULTANCY: We can provide professional advice and consultancy in all related areas, including the exhibition and display of sculpture.

SITE WORK: Transportation, siting and erecting of sculpture.