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Tall Tails from Faraway Places
Tall Tails from Faraway Places
aluminum, bronze & steel

Thinking back to…..

Adventure, thrills, and Saturday afternoon matinees; edge of the seat excitement, cliff hangers and survival through the toughest challenges. Truth or fiction, it made no difference to me.

Stories, tall, tall stories and long yarns; a cocktail of the Boy’s Own and the National Geographic magazines read when awaiting the painful experience of a barber’s shop scalping.

Stories from around the Boy Scout campfire; graphic accounts of Baden Powell be prepared-ness that every aspiring hero needed to subject himself to. Oh, the memories of the high-octane blabbermouth stuff that is good to laugh along with.

But also engaging with, and escaping into, adventure stories like Moby Dick, The Ascent of Everest, Robinson Crusoe and King Solomon’s Mines, all tales from faraway places.

We all love a yarn.